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Mansi Gajjar

Coir Product

Increasing demand of coir products

coco peat is easy to rewet. Dry coco peat is very hydrophilic and quickly absorbs water making it easy to use.

By Mansi Gajjar 01-05-2019
Biodegradable Cutlery

Get rid of washing utensils and complexities

Disposables are eco-friendly. It may save the time, energy and water then. The complexities can be avoided in a very simpler ways.

By Mansi Gajjar 17-05-2019
Coir Product

Stabilise your business with us

Embarqexim has emerged as one of the market leaders in producing and exporting coir products. It gives an opportunity to business seekers to spread the usage of organic products

By Mansi Gajjar 19-06-2019